The 9 Best Foods For an Upset Stomach, According to Doctors

There aren’t many things in the world that are more damaging than an upset stomach. This is especially true when it’s followed by vomiting and nausea. Whatever the reason, whether it’s stomach bugs or food poisoning you’ll have one primary goal to get better as soon as possible.

There’s no definitive solution to either stomach problem. Most doctors will advise that the best course of action is to allow your symptoms to take their course. But certain food items (yes even when you’re unable to take a look at food) may make you feel better getting back to health. Doctors recommend TK foods that can help ease your stomach and ensure that you can return to regular.

01 Bananas

The 9 Best Foods For an Upset Stomach, According to Doctors

Bananas are the primary item of the “brat” diet (bananas, rice along with applesauce, toast, and bananas) which have been utilized for generations to calm bellies.

Why do bananas rank among the most popular of all foods? They’re rich in potassium. This is something you could require if you’re thirsty due to diarrhea or vomiting according to Robynne Chutkan, MD, associate professor in the department of gastroenterology at Georgetown University Hospital in Washington, DC.

Also, they contain sugar, which means you’ll gain calories even though you’re probably not eating a lot. However, they’re not as sweet and they’ll make you more nauseated, says the doctor. Chutkan.

02 Rice

Rice — the “R” in the brat diet, as well as other starchy food items like potatoes and oats aids in the stomach’s lining which eases digestion, and has an overall relaxing effect, according to Dr. Chutkan.

They also don’t remain in the stomach for lengthy periods of time, and neither can they trigger acid reflux, which can make you feel more uncomfortable according to Amit Bhan MD the service director of gastroenterology for Henry Ford Health System, located in West Bloomfield, Mich.

03  Applesauce

If you’re not sure yet applesauce can be described as an “A” in the brat diet. It’s generally soothing for stomachs since it is easy to digest, helps with diarrhea, and offers calories.

Furthermore, they are rich in pectin (especially within the skin) that can offer roughage for those who are constipated. “If the cause of distress is constipation, then an apple can help,” says Dr. Chutkan. However “when someone is having diarrhea, you want the applesauce,” because the more roughage can only increase your need to use the bathroom.

04 Toast

The fourth and final element of the diet of brats is as unappealing as the other three ingredients toast. It’s advantageous because it doesn’t cause acid reflux and doesn’t fill the stomach like a fat-rich food, which can make you feel uncomfortable. Take off the jam and butter – both of which can only cause irritation to your stomach further until you feel better.

05 Soup

Broth specifically is excellent for treating stomach issues. The liquid as well as a high salt content will keep you well-hydrated. Salt, when it’s in the bloodstream, helps draw fluid in,” states the doctor Dr. Chutkan. Of course, if have high blood pressure chooses salt that is low in sodium so that you can still enjoy the benefit of liquids.

“Soup or broth, if not cooked in fat, is very easily digested. It’s well-tolerated and you don’t get nauseous or have reflux,” says Dr. Bhan.

06 Herbal Tea

Herbal teas (those with no caffeine, which may trigger acid reflux) are also a great way to calm the discomfort of a stomach. Chamomile is one of the most popular because it’s believed to decrease inflammation, but virtually any herbal beverage can be a fantastic way to infuse liquids in your body.

Beware of mint tea. Although mint is a great way to ease stomach upsets but it also can reduce the lower esophageal muscle that allows acid and stomach contents to flow into the esophagus. This can cause heartburn.

07 Coconut Water

Coconut water might not have all the magical properties that companies claim to have however, it is able to aid in soothing stomachs, and it’s an absolute favorite among gastroenterologists. “I’m a big fan of coconut water,” says Dr. Chutkan. This is because it’s natural sugars that provide calories as well as electrolytes such as potassium. Additionally, it contains a substantial quantity of Vitamin C.

08 Ginger

Ginger has been widely marketed as a method to soothe stomach upsets. It does not have the evidence to support the assertion. “I don’t think there’s any hard scientific data to support [ginger],” claims the doctor Dr. Bhan. However, that doesn’t mean that it’s not harmful “It’s a spice [that’s] generally well-tolerated,” Dr. Bhan adds.

Many people find ginger beneficial and might even put it into the water, or make ginger tea to alleviate queasiness According to the doctor Dr. Chutkan.

09 Crackers

Crackers are in that same class as rice. “They’re easily digestible and soothing. There’s not a lot in them that can hurt you,” says Dr. Chutkan. Actually, they’re advised for women with morning sickness. There are reports that crackers may take stomach acid into them, however, it’s not clear if this is true or not, says the expert. If you do not have excessive blood pressure regular saltines might be the best option to take (although saltines with a lower amount of sodium are available).

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