4 Skin Problems You Can Get on Your Butt

4 Skin Problems You Can Get on Your Butt

Skin issues can be found everywhere on your bodywear” and this is not just yours, however. From stretch marks to acne as well as everything else, find out the best ways to prevent and treat the most common skin issues below.


What are they: Small red spots on your skin. Although you typically notice they appear on your skin, “you can get them anywhere you have hair follicles, including your butt,” observes Chicago dermatologist Carolyn Jacob, MD. The dead skin and oil are blocked in the hair follicles which causes inflammation and the appearance of a painful zit.


Rx: A Use a benzoyl peroxide cream to destroy acne-causing bacteria. If this doesn’t do the trick, consult your dermatologist for prescription antibiotics or Retin A cream. A way to prevent pimples from forming from the beginning: Remove your workout clothes right after you exercise (all the moisture in your body creates an ideal environment for bacteria to thrive) and then take a shower. the shower.

Stretch marks

What are they? White and reddish lines that are caused by your skin’s stretching caused by extreme weight fluctuations (say during pregnancy). The lines appear as collagen and elastin fibers that are located below the surface begin to weaken and tear and leave streaks of indented skin. Stretch marks are more likely to be found in the family, and if your mom is suffering from these marks, you’re likely to have them as well.

Rx: Try to maintain an appropriate weight. GainingaEUR” or losing and losing EU” weight rapidly will cause stretching of the skin as a doctor. Jacob says. There’s not much you can do to prevent the visible lines. In the event that they’re still pink the prescription of a topical retinoid, such as Retin-A could help fade the lines (it stimulates collagen production, which can help smooth skin). If they’ve gone white, a treatment using lasers in the office of your MD could helpaEUR”again in stimulating collagenase” but the results aren’t usually not all that good.


What is it: Basically an etymological term for the dimpled skin caused by the bulging of fat cells under the skin. It appears bumpy due to that fat cells pushing up against connective tissue beneath the skin’s surface. “You can notice cellulite as early as your 20s when the skin starts to get lax,” Dr. Jacob says. It’s likely to be more obvious when you’re overweight, but thin women may suffer also, depending on genetics (thanks Mom!). Actually, 90% of women suffer from cellulite.


Rx: Your best option is to shed excess weight and work out regularly. “The less fat, the less cellulite,” Dr. Jacob explains. If you’re still not convinced, try applying a cream with caffeine (such as Clarins Body Lift Cellulite Control $43, amazon.com), that temporarily tightens the skin, making cottage cheese marks appear less noticeable.

Butt rash

What is it: If an itchy, red bump develops on the cheeks of your butt It could occur as intertrigo which is caused by the friction of the skin’s warm, moist typically after working out.


Rx: Shower immediately after exercising clean yourself thoroughly, and apply a tiny quantity of the hydrocortisone lotion. If the rash does not disappear within a couple of days, visit your doctor to determine if it is an infection caused by fungal bacteria or another skin issue, such as psoriasis (the butt-crack area is the most common place to spot psoriasis).

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